Our portfolio contains a selection of achievements that have been printed and painted on our production line. This will give you a quick idea of our possibilities.


What we do?

For every order we receive, whether it concerns 1 plate or 250 panels, we strive to achieve the highest quality. With every project we do our utter best and get the maximum out of our machine! Still not convinced? Look further below and let us convince you.

About Us


With every project, we do a quality check and we will do our very best to get the best result. Still not convinced? Look further below and let us convince you.

Why Mapo Print


Thanks to the flexibility and unparalleled print quality of our production line, the possibilities for personalising various media at
Mapo Print are limited only by the creativity and imagination of our customers. Here we give a small selection of the possibilities:

Why Mapo Print?

We listed it for you below.

Pixel Perfect

All files are thoroughly checked from the beginning to get a perfect print.

Know how

We know better than anyone how to get each design from a screen on a large plate.


Mapo Print keeps abreast of new technologies to keep up to date.


We pay attention to every detail, no matter how small, because no one wants to make a mistake in a finished product.